Catholic Community of Burke & Chateaugay

Sacrament of Baptism

Contact Deacon Brian at the Parish office to make arrangements.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sat- 3:15-3:45 at St.George's

Sun- 10:15-10:45 at St.Patrick's  or anytime by appointment.

Sacrament of Marriage

It is prudent for couples to contact the parish priest or deacon at least 8 months before the desired date of the wedding.

Sponsors for Baptism & Confirmation

Must be practicing Catholics 16 or older, confirmed themselves and if married, married in the Catholic Church (a practicing Catholic is one who regularly attends Mass)


Saturday Anticipated: 4pm- St. George's 

Sunday: 11am- St. Patrick's 

                      WEEKDAY SERVICES

St. Patrick's: Mon/Tues Communion Service: 8:30am

                     Wed, Fri Mass: 8:30am

St. George's: Thurs Mass: 8:30am (~April-November, during winter this Mass is at St. Patrick's)


Your present status in the Catholic Church,

No matter what your current family or marital situation is,

No matter what your past or present religious affiliation,

No matter what your own personal history,

No matter what your age, background, race or color,

No matter what your own self-image or lack thereof,

You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and respected at the Catholic Community of Burke and Chateaugay

St. Patrick's Church

   Chateaugay, NY

St. George's Church

         Burke, NY

Second Sunday of Advent